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Internal Source: 3M 10/25/2018M
Item #: 3M-7000031499

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    3M Cold Shrink QT-II 5690K Series Termination Kit includes three 8-skirt, 1-piece terminations. It ensures a pliable, tight seal for tape shield, wire shield and UniShield power cables. The conjunction of high dielectric-constant material and silicone rubber insulation allows the termination to withstand voltages of 15 to 35kV.
    3M Cold Shrink QT-II 5690K Series Termination Kit is designed for terminating medium voltage cables in outdoor applications. When the 8-skirt terminal's core is unwound, it shrinks over the cable and ensures a leak-proof, ideal fit. The track-resistant, silicone rubber insulation of the termination has a hydrophobic property and offers a long-lasting service life while minimizing leakage currents in wet conditions. IEEE Standard 48 Approved for Class 1 terminations.

    Conductor Size Range for
    � 15 kV (100%): 3/0 AWG-400 kcmil
    � 15 kV (133%): 2/0 AWG-350 kcmil
    � 25/28 kV:1/0 AWG-250 kcmil
    � 35 kV: 2-3/0 AWG

    Provides a void-free seal to tape shield, wire shield and UniShield power cables;High dielectric-constant material regulates the distribution of electric field stress;Suitable for outdoor applications;Termination has 0.84 to 1.33-in insulation O.D. and 1.00 to 1.60-in cable jacket O.D.;Accommodates wire sizes of 3/0 AWG to 400 kcmil at 15kV 100%, 2/0 AWG to 350 kcmil at 15kV 133%, 1/0 AWG to 250 kcmil at 25/28 kV, 2 to 3/0 AWG at 35kV;Molded, silicone rubber insulation offers durability and reduces leakage currents in damp conditions;Withstands voltages of 15 to 35kV and is 200 kV BIL-rated;Includes three 8-skirt, 1-piece, cold shrink terminations;IEEE Standard 48 Approved for Class 1 terminations