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3M Venture Tape Non-Adhesive Facing 2537 White, 78 in x 150 ft, 1 per case
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Internal Source: 3M 10/25/2018M
Item #: 3M-7010314266

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    3M Venture Tape Non-Adhesive Facing 2537 is an 8 mil polypropylene/scrim/kraft laminated facing which is suitable as an air and moisture barrier in a range of applications. This facing/wrap for metal building delivers a perm rating of 0.09. It applies easily and is excellent for use with a variety of insulation types.

    Suitable as an Air and Vapor Barrier
    Comprised of a tri-directional polypropylene/scrim/kraft lamination, 3M™ Venture Tape™ Non-Adhesive Facing 2537 combines durability and excellent insulating properties. Featuring a fiberglass/polyester blend scrim, this material is very tough and resists punctures and tears as well as weathering, mold and environmental conditions. It delivers a perm rating of 0.09, making it suitable for use as an air and vapor barrier with a wide range of applications.

    3M™ Venture Tape™ Non-Adhesive Facing 2537 meets the requirements of ASTM C1136 Type IV and is tested according to ASTM E84 (10/10 Flame/Smoke Rating).

    Recommended Applications

    • Vapor seal and air barrier
    • For use with reinforced aluminum faced fiberglass, mineral wool and other types of thermal insulation
    • Metal building

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    Polypropylene, scrim and kraft laminate facing for various types of insulation;0.09 perm rating suitable as air and vapor barrier;High puncture and tear resistance ensures long life and durability;Easy to install on site without special tools or application methods