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3M SLiC Aerial Closure Kit (2 TC)
Minimum Order Unit: 1 EA

Quantity Per Case: 1

Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 10/25/2018M
Item #: 3M-7100100357

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    3M SLiC Aerial Closure has a floating bond and a rubber end seal that ensures a snug fit for cables while eliminating the need for drip collars. This 1-piece, dual-wall, molded closure is designed for construction or maintenance situations.
    3M SLiC Aerial Closure has a floating bond and interlocking ends that expand to meet a sheath opening of any size without the use of any special kits. The 1-piece construction of this closure provides complete splice access after placement and without the removal of the closure or the bonding from a cable.
    This free-breathing closure is Ideal for straight, butt and branch splices of non-pressurized communication cables;The 1-piece construction offers complete splice access;Ideal for aerial strand-mount applications;Has a maximum splice bundle diameter of 3.6 inches and a splice opening of 21 inches;Has a maximum cable pair count of 400 for modular cables and 200 for discrete cables;Includes two 3-port end seals;Provides a snug fit for cables;Comes with a floating bond