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3M 7000031680 Cold Shrink QS-III Splice Kits 5775A-MT, Tape, Wire and UniShield, 15 kV, 2-4/0 AWG (35-95 mm2), 1 per case
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Quantity Per Case: 1

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7000031680

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    3M 5775A-MT Series Resin QS-III Inline Trifurcating Cable Splice Kit is designed for splicing 5/8 to 15 kV-rated shielded power cables. The cold shrink design ensures a quick installation and cable size transitions. This armored or non-armored splice kit is perfect for use in cable trays, cable racks, junction boxes and cable hangers, as well as aerial and wet or dry locations.
    3M 5775A-MT Series Cold Shrink Resin QS-III Inline Cable Splice Kit includes 3 metallic shield sleeves, 6 small and 2 large constant force springs, 2 cold shrink jacket tubes, 1 roll Scotch-Seal mastic tape 2229 and more. This cable splice kit uses constant force springs for connecting ground braid jumpers, splice bodies and tapes for moisture-seal applications. The splice body has a specially formulated silicone rubber construction to ensure optimal high- and low-temperature performance. This splice kit is suitable for use with solid dielectric cables such as XLP, XLPE, EPR and more. IEEE Approved.
    Splices shielded cables;Silicon rubber-splice body provides good high- or low-temperature performance and Armorcast jacket offers mechanical protection;Suitable for use with 10000 and 20000 Series connectors or other UL Listed inline compression connectors;Solderless ground braid offers constant force spring connection;0.64 to 1.01-in O.D. insulation;Accommodates wire size of 2 AWG to 250 kcmil;Rated for 5/8 to 15 kV applications;Includes 6 cold shrink adapter tubes and 3 splice bodies, 6 tubes of P55/R compound, gloves, 3 rolls of Armorcast structural material and more;IEEE Approved;1 kit/case