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3M 7000055656 Stamark Removable Tape Series A715 Black, 10 in X 40 yd, 1/CTN
Minimum Order Unit: 1 Roll

Quantity Per Case: 1

Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7000055656

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    3M Stamark Removable Black Line Mask 715 is used to cover existing pavement markings for temporary traffic diversion during highway work zone construction. Removes cleanly from road surfaces.

    Highly reflective in wet or dry conditions;Provides day or night visibility;Durable for normal work zone life;Ease of application-installs and removes easily;No ghost markings or scarring;Roadway may be opened to traffic immediately;Conventional pavement markings disappear in wet weather. 3M advanced technologies and high performance materials enhance motorists' safety in confusing work zones.;All Weather Retroreflectivity: Series 710 offers a reflective pavement marking system designed to provide excellent retroreflectivity performance in all weather conditions. Series 710 reflective tape can provide initial dry retroreflectivity performance of minimum 500mcd/lux2 (white) and 300mcd/lux2 (yellow). Also, wet continuous and wet recovery of a minimum 250mcd/ lux2 (white) and 200mcd/lux2 (yellow) at 30-meter geometry.;Topcoat Construction: Series 710 tape uses polyurethane to achieve superior durability to the wearing surface and to enhance bead adhesion. Superior durability means superior retained retroreflectivity, providing safer driving conditions for the motoring public.;Raised Pattern Profile: The raised pattern 710 tape provides all weather reflectivity performance compared to a flat pavement material. The raised pattern also provides a vertical reflective surface, increasing the durability of the beads and providing better nighttime reflectivity.;Bead Index of Refraction: A 1.5 or 1.9 index glass bead is the standard for competitive pavement marking products. Series 710 uses a blend of 1.9 index and 2.4 index microcrystalline ceramic beads which focuses more light back to the driver in all weather conditions.;Acid Resistance: This measure is specific to microcrystalline beads and will pass the acid resistance test when performed on the microcrystalline ceramic beads. However, when performed on standard glass beads used in competitive products, the glass beads will fail to meet the acid resistance test. The basis of this test is to protect the beads from deteriorating against severe weather.;Primerless, Ease of Application: Series 710 tape uses an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive, eliminating the need for a surface preparation adhesive. Such a tape provides reduced installation costs, application time savings, increased labor productivity, and reduced traffic disruptions (increased safety).;Reinforcing Net: Series 710 tape incorporates a durable reinforcing net within its pressure sensitive adhesive. The reinforcing net minimizes tearing of the tape for ease of removability.