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3M 7000055716 Stamark High Performance Tape A380IES White, 19.69 in x 30 yds
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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7000055716

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    3M 7000055716 Stamark High Performance Tape A380IES White, 19.69 in x 30 yds

    Superior retroreflectivity day or night due to unique ceramic beads;Ease of application without the use of surface preparation adhesive;Durable, patterned surface to maximize retroreflectance;Unique microcrystalline ceramic beads;Superior color day and night;Extended Season Applications: Now you can extend your striping season with Series 380I ES tape! Series 380I ES tape offers Extended Season applications outside the typical tape season with use of 3M Stamark Surface Preparation Adhesive P-50 and can be applied down to 40F.;Ease of Application: Surface preparation adhesive is not required during the 3M Climate Guide-defined application season for Series 380I ES tape. Elimination of a surface preparation adhesive requirement allows agencies with strict environmental regulations additional opportunities to apply Series 380I ES tape.;Increase and Extend Productivity: Series 380I ES tape can be applied quickly with elimination of the surface preparation adhesive step. And, by using suface preparation adhesive early and late season, the striping season can be extended by several months. This means increased and extended productivity for agencies and contractors.;Durable construction: The unique patterned construction of Series 380I ES tape combines technologies in beads, topcoats and adhesives. The result is cost-effective solutions in durability, retroreflectivity and appearance.;Retained Visibility: The durable material of Series 380I ES offers initial and retained reflectivity, contrast with the road surface, and crisp, clean road markings that provide warranted performance at higher traffic volumes. The technology used in 3M's lead chromate-free tape yields a more distinct nighttime retroreflective yellow color than even traditional pavement markings employing lead chromate pigments. 3M's unique yellow microcrystalline ceramic beads, combined with Series 380I ES tape's pattern construction, provide the high reflectivity that gives drivers the nighttime visibility they need.;Long-term reflectivity design;Abrasion-resistant microcrystalline ceramic beads bonded in a highly durable polyurethane topcoat;Yellow microcrystalline ceramic beads incorporated in Series 381I ES tape to improve nighttime yellow color;Manufactured without the use of heavy metals, lead chromate pigments or other similar, lead-containing chemicals