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3M 7010327607 Trizact Cartridge Roll 237AA, 3/8 in x 1-1/4 in x 1/8 in, A16 X-weight, 100 per case
Minimum Order Unit: 1

Quantity Per Case: 1CS = 100RO

Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7010327607

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    3M 7010327607 Trizact Cartridge Roll 237AA, 3/8 in x 1-1/4 in x 1/8 in, A16 X-weight, 100 per case

    Essential Ingredients
    3M Trizact Cloth Cartridge Roll 237AA contains particles of aluminum oxide, which is known for its sharp cut and fine finishing capabilities. This synthetic mineral tackles burrs and defects without gouging or marring the substrate. Moreover, the mineral is adhered to an X-weight cloth backing. X-weight backings are durable and tear resistant, which helps the cartridge roll stand up to edges and contours. The aluminum oxide mineral is resin bonded to the cloth backing, and � as the cartridge roll abrades the surface � the resin breaks down gradually to keep the substrate cool. The cartridge roll features an arbor hole to accommodate a mandrel (sold separately), which attaches to a die grinder.

    When you find yourself in a corner, trust 3M Trizact Cloth Cartridge Roll 237AA to help you finish it.

    3M Science, Applied with 3M Trizact Abrasives
    3M Trizact abrasives revitalize light dimensioning and finishing work by reducing processing steps, increasing throughput and creating consistency. Big benefits are achieved through a proprietary 3M technology called microreplication. During microreplication, small three-dimensional structures resembling pyramids are adhered to a backing. These pyramids contain layers of mineral, and they begin to break down after repeated use, continually exposing fresh mineral. The cycle of mineral renewal sustains the abrasive's sharpness. Ongoing sharp cutting action reduces the need to swap out the abrasive, contributing to higher throughput and increased productivity. Additionally, because the mineral is uniformly distributed over the abrasive surface, the workpiece receives fixed � rather than erratic � contact for a consistent cut.

    Small, cylindrical shape enables abrasive to access internal diameters;Aluminum oxide mineral cuts sharp without gouging the substrate;Resin bond keeps abrasive running cool to help prevent part discoloration;Trizact abrasive features microreplication technology for ongoing, consistent cut;X-weight cloth backing enhances durability and tear resistance