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3M 7010352933 Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape 9711S Series, 1060 mm x 100 m
Minimum Order Unit: 20 Roll

Quantity Per Case: 20

Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7010352933

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Price: $128,099.45
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    3M Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape 9711S-200 is an XYZ electrically conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape with a thickness of 200 microns. 3M Tape Series 9711S consists of a conductive matrix carrier (Nickel/copper-coated conductive fabric matrix) that is electrically conductive and is designed for PSA attachment to the desired grounding surfaces.
    3M Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape 9711S-200 is an acrylic-based adhesive solution and offers high adhesion and good grounding performance to many surface types. It provides improved electrical performance and reliable small size contacts in a thicker format. 3M tape Series 9711S is useful for grounding, PSA attachment and EMI shielding designs. Standard Lead Time: 49 Calendar Days
    XYZ-conductivity through the adhesive;Excellent conformability and quick bonding;Good EMI shielding in bond line gap;Thicker construction to conform to non-flat surfaces;Improved electrical contact to small size areas;Good handling and workability;Other thicknesses may be available upon request