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3M 7010494430 Diamond Resin Bond Wheel 633AH, 1A1,6X1/4X1-1/4,X=1/4 D240 633AH - MMMRBDW6298
Minimum Order Unit: 1 Each

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Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7010494430

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    3M 7010494430 Diamond Resin Bond Wheel 633AH, 1A1,6X1/4X1-1/4,X=1/4 D240 633AH - MMMRBDW6298

    Designed for Precision
    Our resin bonded diamond wheels are designed for high performance when grinding on materials such as tungsten carbide. The 3M Diamond Resin Bond Wheel 633AH line is specifically designed for the production and re-sharpening of tungsten carbide tipped saw blades. This application requires the highest level of quality which the 3M Diamond Resin Bond Wheel 633AH provides.

    High Quality Bonding
    These superabrasive wheels also use a resin bonding which are specially designed to resist thermal and chemical deterioration, which can occur during high speed grinding. This N hardness rated bond delivers high material removal rates when grinding materials such as tungsten carbide. The wheel is designed for dry grinding.

    The Right Wheels for the Job
    3M provides a broad portfolio of superabrasive wheels that cover the full range grinding applications on hard to grind materials. These wheels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, core materials and arbor holes custom bore to fit customer specifications. From short runs and re-sharpening to lights-out and long production runs, 3M has the wheel design to meet your needs.

    Diamond abrasive capable of removing stock or grinding forms on tungsten carbide, cemented carbide and ceramic work pieces;Durable resin bond resists deterioration from heat, extending the life of the abrasive wheel;Designed for applications where higher stock removal is required;Various wheel shapes and sizes available with arbor holes are made to customer specifications;Designed for dry grinding