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3M 7010518402 Trizact PSA Cloth Disc 237AA, 2 1/2 in X NH, A16 X-weight
Minimum Order Unit: 200 Each

Quantity Per Case: 200 Each

Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7010518402

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    3M 7010518402 Trizact PSA Cloth Disc 237AA, 2 1/2 in X NH, A16 X-weight

    Working Hard for You
    3M Trizact PSA Cloth Disc 237AA has two characteristics that make it desirable for your finishing, polishing, blending and deburring needs: microreplication technology and a PSA attachment. Let's begin with microreplication technology.

    3M Science, Applied to Microreplication Technology
    3M Trizact Abrasives feature an engineered surface of patterned, microscopic three-dimensional structures resembling pyramids. As the abrasive is used, the tops of the pyramids wear away, continually exposing fresh mineral. This cycle of renewal ensures a consistent cut rate and finish throughout the long life of the disc. 3M Trizact PSA Cloth Disc 237AA, specifically, features micron-graded aluminum oxide particles formed into pyramids and adhered to an x-weight backing. The x-weight backing is durable and stiff; it prevents the abrasive from yielding when it comes in contact with the workpiece, so you get a thorough and aggressive cut.

    Easy, Swift Power Tool Attachment
    In addition to micron-graded aluminum oxide, 3M Trizact PSA Cloth Disc 237AA has a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Applying 237AA to your power tool is as simple as applying light pressure and adhering the disc to a backup pad (sold separately). When the work is complete, the disc can be removed cleanly and easily. We included the PSA backing on 237AA to help operators enhance their productivity and throughput.

    Altogether, our 3M Trizact PSA Cloth Disc 237AA is a sharp-cutting, ready-to-use abrasive designed to help you maximize your efforts and get the most out of your work.

    Disc form enables operators to get in, over and around workpieces;PSA attachment makes disc to tool attachment swift and easy;Structured abrasives with aluminum oxide mineral cuts sharp, yielding consistent results;X-weight backing enhances abrasive durability and stiffness, resisting wear and tear;Available in a range of grades