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3M 7010518431 Hookit Cloth Disc 900DZ, 6 in X NH, P100 J-weight
Minimum Order Unit: 250 Each

Quantity Per Case: 250 Each

Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7010518431

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    3M 7010518431 Hookit Cloth Disc 900DZ, 6 in X NH, P100 J-weight

    Exceptionally Hard and Strong Abrasive Grain
    Fast, efficient stock removal makes our 3M Hookit Cloth Disc 900DZ one of 3M's best discs for metal fabrication, woodworking, paint prep and composite applications. 3M Ceramic Abrasive Grain exceeds both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide mineral in cut-rate and durability.

    Its open coat construction resists accumulation of sawdust and other sanding debris. This allows the cutting edge of the grain to continue cutting efficiently, self-fracturing to expose fresh cutting edges.

    Neutralize Swarf, Keep Cutting Fast and Furious
    An anti-static treatment neutralizes the electrical charge generated by sanding, especially on wood. Static charged swarf tends to cling to the surface of the disc, the workpiece and the machinery when sanding. Coarse or fine or powdery, dust degrades performances and productivity. In concert with this disc's open coat abrasive, loading issues are minimized, keeping 3M Hookit Cloth Disc 900DZ cutting fast and furiously.

    Economical, Easy to Use -- Hookit Of Course
    Simple, swift and secure, our Hookit attachment system just works. The soft side of our 3M Hookit abrasive is covered with loops while its rougher mate has J-shaped hooks. When pressed together the two cling, secure even in rugged applications. They separate cleanly and easily and Hookit discs can be re-used for the extent of their abrasive life.

    3M Science. Sculpting the Geometry of Abrasive Grain
    3M's ability to transform new ideas into ingenious products that enable industry to work more efficiently, productively, and brilliantly is driven by our passion for the industries, businesses and people we serve. It's who we are.

    Premium ceramic abrasive grain cuts fast with less pressure, improving productivity and prolonging abrasive life;Open coat reduces loading on soft woods and metals;Light and flexible J-weight cloth backing easily conforms to surface profiles;Anti-static property helps keep swarf from clinging to the abrasive disc and workpiece;Hook and loop design makes tool attachment swift, simple and secure and reuse easier;Versatile disc performs well on aluminum, fiberglass, gelcoat, hard and soft woods