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3M 7010518439 Hookit Paper Disc 236U, 6 in X NH D/F 6HL P150 C-weight
Minimum Order Unit: 250 Each

Quantity Per Case: 250 Each

Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7010518439

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    3M 7010518439 Hookit Paper Disc 236U, 6 in X NH D/F 6HL P150 C-weight

    Designed for use with a random orbital sander, the strong C-weight paper backing on our 3M Hookit Paper Disc 236U resists tearing and edgewear during aggressive sanding, and the disc is resin-bonded for heat-resistance, further increasing life and cut. These discs also feature an open coat and a load-resistant coating to enhance dust management and cut-rate.

    A load-resistant coating allows the disc to continue cutting even when sanding softwoods, paints, and other materials that would, otherwise, clog the surface of the disc and hinder sanding ability. Loading is further reduced by an open coat, which means the abrasive grains are spaced slightly apart so that dust can escape rather than obstructing the cutting edge of the grains, thereby optimizing cut-rate and disc life.

    Sanding discs come in a variety of forms to fit various power tools and disc pads. We designed the 3M Hookit Paper Disc 236U to conveniently and firmly attach to a hook-and-loop backup disc pad (sold separately) on a random orbital sander, to be removed cleanly and easily, and be simple to reuse. A load-resistant coating prevents wood dust, paint particles, and other debris from prematurely clogging the surface of the disc, optimizing cut-rate and disc life.

    Premium aluminum oxide mineral is durable, cuts fast, and performs well on many surfaces;Strong, C-weight paper backing supports aggressive sanding with extra durability compared to lighter weight paper backings;Open coat construction and load-resistant coating prevent premature loading of the disc surface to maximize cut and extend abrasive life;3M Hookit discs are easy to change and reuse, maximizing sanding utility for the life of the disc;Hook-and-loop feature provides reliable attachment