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3M 7100016838 Scotch ATG Repositionable Double Coated Tissue Tape 928 Translucent White, 0.50 in x 36 yd 2.0 mil, 12 rolls per inner 6 inners per case
Minimum Order Unit: 12 Roll

Quantity Per Case: 12

Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7100016838

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    Scotch ATG Repositionable Double Coated Tissue Tape 928 is a reverse wound, double coated tape with a white tissue carrier on a polycoated kraft (PKC) paper liner. It is designed for use in applications where two separate, but different, adhesives are required. One side is intended for permanent bonding while the other offers low tack adhesion for removal or repositioning.

    Differential Tape Features Permanent Bond on One Side/ Removable on Other
    Our Scotch® ATG Repositionable Double Coated Tissue Tape 928 features 3M™ Adhesive 400 and 3M™ Adhesive 1000. The 3M™ Adhesive 1000 is a low-tack, repositionable acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that allows for removal and repositioning of many papers, plastics, foams and foils without residue or delamination. 3M™ Adhesive 400 is a medium-firm pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system with excellent balance of good initial adhesion (quick stick) and good shear holding power. The formulation gives 3M™ Adhesive 400 a consistently strong bond across a range of temperatures, up to 180F/82C. Reverse wound on a unique 1 inch core designed for use with a Scotch® ATG Applicator.

    Recommended Applications

    • Reclosable bags or envelopes
    • Holding paperwork and folders
    • Attaching temporary bulletins and work instructions to production and assembly processes
    • Attachment of temporary labels
    • Temporary hold for protective packaging materials, such as foam or cardboard, used for shipment of manufactured goods

    Understanding the Scotch® ATG System
    Scotch® ATG system has proven to be the go-to adhesive solution since the early 1970s. For light and heavy industrial applications, the Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators are convenient, reliable, versatile tools capable of attaching a wide range of materials. With no cure time, the adhesive instantly bonds long, large and small surfaces. As a portable, hand-held solution, it can apply tape to any shape or form, even from an uncomfortable position, while allowing your free hand to hold the part.

    With Scotch® ATG Applicators, a touch of the finger triggers a quick, controlled application of Scotch® ATG Transfer Tape at the same time as the liner rewinds into the applicator. There is no mess and no cleanup. 3M advanced acrylic adhesive bonds on contact and is formulated with a choice of properties including high temperature resistance, acid free, general purpose and high initial adhesion.

    The ATG system is a cost effective and more productive replacement to many double-sided tapes, tape applicators, as well as adhesive dots, staples and liquid adhesives. This applicator allows the ATG liner to rewind into the applicator as the adhesive is applied for hassle-free operation that eliminates messes and clean-up.

    Differential adhesive tape features a permanent bond on one side and removable bond on the other;Face side adhesive bonds on contact to paper stocks and other lightweight materials;Secondary side adhesive (exposed side) is a low-tack, repositionable adhesive that allows for easy removal;Reverse wound on a unique 1 inch core designed for use with a Scotch ATG Applicator;Will not bleed into most paper stocks which helps minimize discoloration or staining