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3M 7100026267 Micro-Klean D Series Filter Cartridge DPPSY2, 1 Micron, 15 Per Case
Minimum Order Unit: 15 Each

Quantity Per Case: 15

Bill Unit: Case

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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7100026267

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    We manufacture the Micro-Klean D Series Filter Cartridge utilizing blanketed filter technology that combines an enhanced open-wind process with an internal media blanket to achieve superior flow rates, filtration efficiency, and consistent filtration characteristics from cartridge to cartridge, lot to lot.

    The performance of the Micro-Klean™ D Series Filter Cartridge is directly related to the advanced winding pattern of the yarn matrix combined with our process of separately applying a tailored media “blanket” between successive layers of yarn. This winding pattern creates much larger diamond shaped contaminant holding chambers. The separately inserted blanket encloses the chambers and maintains the consistency and integrity of filtration. These two factors combine to achieve a balance of filtration characteristics, which are hard to obtain with ordinary wound filter cartridges that use teased or brushed fibers on the yarn to produce a filtering media.

    Micro-Klean D Series winding pattern also provides less restriction than the patterns common to ordinary wound cartridges. Consequently, the Micro-Klean D Series Filter Cartridge provides up to 2 ½ times more open area, enhancing the flow rate by up to 500% for the same pressure drop. Micro-Klean D Series Filter Cartridge is a blanket media cartridge offering true graded density, with more open filtration on the outside of the filter and fine, efficient filtration on the inner layer of the cartridge. Clogging of the filtration surfaces by large particles is minimized and cartridge life extended which can lower cartridge replacement costs.

    Micro-Klean D Series Filter Cartridges are nominally rated from 0.5 to 350 micron and are available with various media, matrix, and core materials for compatibility within different processes. Standard materials include cotton yarn/cotton media blanket for use in applications involving water, alcohol, and other polar liquids. The cotton materials and polypropylene twine/polypropylene media we use are FDA 21 CFR listed materials for use with potable water, food, and beverage products. Cartridges can be configured with tinned steel, stainless steel, or polypropylene cores. The use of various core materials gives you an advanced range of compatibility. Micro-Klean D Series Filter Cartridges can also be configured with various end-treatments and o-ring materials to fit competitive filter housings.

    Cotton materials and polypropylene twine/polypropylene media are FDA 21 CFR listed materials and suitable for food & beverage;Graded density construction prevents significant pressure drops;Integral lengths from 9 7/8" To 40" reduces joints that cause blinding or by-pass