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3M 7100100331 Sandpaper, 03031, 180 Grit, 3 2/3 in x 9 in
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Internal Source: 3M 2019
Item #: 3M-7100100331

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    3M 7100100331 Sandpaper, 03031, 180 Grit, 3 2/3 in x 9 in

    Simply the Right Sandpaper for Your Auto Repair Job
    Long used for a wide range of industrial applications, our 3M™ Sandpaper delivers toughness and flexibility for auto body repair projects large and small. This combination of materials makes hand or machine sanding of auto body surfaces faster, easier and more cost-effective. It features tough aluminum oxide abrasive that self-fractures during use for longer life. Abrasive is built on a choice of paper backing from light A-weight paper to heavier D-weight paper for jobs requiring extra support. All of it is resin bonded to resist heat and to reduce dust clogging, helping lengthen the life of each sheet. Choose 3M™ Sandpaper in a range of abrasive grades for jobs ranging from stripping paint to fine featheredging. This sandpaper works great with Bondo® Body Filler.

    3M provides a durable, effective sandpaper for each stage of our 3M™ Body Repair System.

    About Aluminum Oxide Abrasive
    Aluminum oxide is popular because of its fast cut-rate and long life. This natural mineral makes a tough, durable abrasive that self-fractures during use to expose fresh cutting edges where traditional abrasives can quickly wear down. Due to its high cut-rate, hardness, strength, and low heat retention, aluminum oxide is highly effective for sanding and finishing.

    About the 3M™ Body Repair System
    Even a small repair can seem complex at first. So 3M’s Body Repair System simplifies the entire automotive body repair process by dividing it into four stages:

    Stage 1 – Prepare.  This stage includes pulling dents, removal of paint and rust and efficient, effective masking of the area.

    Stage 2 – Fill. This stage involves patching holes with reinforced filler and smoothing and shaping filler before painting.

    Stage 3  Paint. This stage includes painting the area and blending and smoothing primer and paint.  

    Stage 4 – Finish. The final stage for showroom-grade results: removing small defects, sealing and polishing clear coats and other painted surfaces.

    3M supplies premium products such as abrasives, tapes, body fillers and tools for every stage. This system helps you work easily, efficiently and successfully across the entire body repair process.

    Recommended Applications

    • Use during each of the 3M™ Body Repair System
    • Use for dry sanding
    • Strip paint from metal, plastic or fiberglass panels
    • Shape, sand and refine body filler 
    • Shaping of auto panels or fairing of boat hulls
    • Fine featheredging
    • Shape and sand glaze or spot putty before priming
    • Excellent for use with 3M™ Sanding Block 03148 or 03149

    Better Science for Better Sanding from 3M
    There’s a 3M™ Sandpaper for any stage of successful auto body work. With a full range of abrasive grades and paper backing plus tough, long-lasting materials and construction, this sandpaper is not just a must for any auto body job. It is an excellent example of how 3M brings out the best in any of your auto care projects large and small: Science. Applied to Life.TM

    Range of abrasive grits for each step of auto body repair;Great for stripping paint to metal, featheredging around repair area and shaping/sanding body filler;Aluminum oxide abrasive cuts fast, lasts a long time and resists loading;Light to heavy paper backing is suitable for machine or hand sanding;Resin bonded for heat resistance and added durability;Use at every stage of our 3M Body Repair System