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3M 7000120606 Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Belt, 4 in x 36 in A MED, 10 per case
Retail: $425.76
Price: $317.73
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7000120606 -

Scotch-Brite SC Surface Conditioning Belt is a durable belt engineered to perform detail work such as blending, blending corners, cleaning, contour finishing, deburring, deburring edges, fine finishing, flat finishing, setting the grain, stainless steel finishing, and attaining straightline-brushed finishes on a variety of metals.

3M 7010513491 Trizact Cloth Belt 237AA, 2 in X 17-3/4 in A16 X-weight
Retail: $307.88
Price: $229.76
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7010513491 -

3M Trizact Cloth Belt 237AA uses proprietary microreplication technology where micron-graded aluminum oxide particles are formed into tiny pyramids of abrasive mineral and then coated on an X weight cloth backing. As these pyramids wear, fresh, sharp mineral is continually exposed to produce a consistent cut and a predictable, fine finish.

3M 7000120918 Scotch-Brite Roloc Coating Removal Disc, TR, 07461, 3 in x NH, 10 per case
Retail: $88.43
Price: $65.99
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7000120918 -

Scotch-Brite Roloc Coating Removal Disc features extra coarse silicon carbide abrasive to effectively remove paint and rust from metal surfaces and welds. Together with the conformable, non-woven material, silicon carbide abrasives remove coatings without gouging, undercutting, or damaging the base material, especially on hard surfaces.

3M 7000120998 Scotch-Brite Roloc Surface Conditioning Disc, TSM, 3 in x NH A VFN, 25 per inner, 100 per case
Retail: $253.68
Price: $189.31
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7000120998 -

The Scotch-Brite Roloc Surface Conditioning Disc combines our durable, non-woven disc with the efficient 3M Roloc quick-change attachment system for an effective disc that cleans, finishes, blends, and deburrs. Our non-woven fiber construction conforms well to help preserve irregular or contoured surfaces and the Roloc backing supports the disc for aggressive cutting.

3M 7100148872 Polyester Film Electrical Tape 1318-1
Retail: $204.56
Price: $152.65
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7100148872 -

3M 7010386087 Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector, 2.5 Gallon Bottle, 2/case
Retail: $670.37
Price: $500.27
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7010386087 -

Water based formula protects resilient flooring surfaces such as vinyl, vinyl composition (VCT), and solid vinyl tile (SVT). Product may be used as a 2-coat protector product or as a 4 plus coat high gloss coating. Durable with superior soil and black mark resistance; reduces or eliminates the need for stripping compared to conventional acrylic finishes.

3M 7010327110 Hex Socket Button Head Screw (M5x6L) 55158, 1 per case
Retail: $0.51
Price: $0.38
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7010327110 -

Genuine 3M Electric Random Orbital Sander replacement parts keep your 3M Electric Random Orbital Sander in top working condition. Every part is available to order, and finding the part you need is easy using the schematic and parts list found in the tool instruction manual.

3M 7010508439 Trizact Cloth Roll 237AA, 12 in X 50 YD A100 X-weight
Retail: $2,847.68
Price: $2,125.13
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7010508439 -

Equipped with an X weight backing and proprietary 3M microreplication technology, our 3M Trizact Cloth Roll 237AA is specially designed for low to medium pressure applications � projects that would benefit from a semi-flexible abrasive with aluminum oxide mineral. Cloth Roll 237AA is commonly used on mild steel, stainless steel, nickel, cobalt alloys, aluminum, brass, copper and titanium.

3M 7010508692 Stikit Paper Disc Roll 426U, 8 IN x NH, 800L, 125 disc per roll, 220 A-Weight
Retail: $440.91
Price: $329.03
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7010508692 -

3M Stikit Paper Disc Roll 426U are multiple sanding discs packaged in a roll for convenience and use in high-production environments and ideal for white wood sanding, sealer sanding, solid surface or where fine finish is critical. The disc itself features silicon carbide abrasive with a load-resistant coating and open coat abrasives that work together to minimize loading.

3M 7010508871 Trizact Diamond Cloth Belt 663FC, 3-1/2 in X 132 in 40 YF-weight
Retail: $2,182.24
Price: $1,628.53
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7010508871 -

Our 3M Trizact Diamond Cloth Belt 663FC represents the �next generation� in abrasive technology. It combines the predictable dimensioning of bonded wheels with the speed, consistency and ease of use of 3M abrasive belts. This unique hybrid helps you achieve a smoother finish in less time.

3M DBI-SALA 6160051 Powered Climb Assist Motor
Retail: $3,240.41
Price: $2,808.35
Availability: Contact CSR for Availability
Item #: 3MCA-6160051 -

3M 6160051 Motor control assembly for powered climb assist system, 120-240 Vac. 50-60 Hz

3M 7010325878 Cloth Belt 211K, 1 in x 77 in 320 J-weight, 25 per inner 100 per case
Retail: $534.71
Price: $399.03
Availability: Typically in Stock
Item #: 3M-7010325878 -

3M Cloth Belt 211K is a lightweight cloth belt for general metalworking applications. This closed coat aluminum oxide belt comes in a range of grades for common applications like repairing metal finishes, blending and finish refinement.